Is it time to replace your inground pool liner?

While proper maintenance is the best way to help extend and prolong the life of your inground pool liner, as you start to approach the
6 to 10-year mark, some damage becomes too extensive for a simple repair.

Over time, you will likely start to notice the following issues that could become more serious if not addressed:


    Cracks and tears can develop over time on vinyl liners due to UV exposure from the sun and normal wear and tear from pool chemicals. They can also contribute to leaks and other damages.

    If you start noticing odd wrinkles in your once-smooth pool liner, it’s likely time for a replacement. Watch for liner beads, slips out of the track, and sagging or loose fittings around your jets and skimmer.

    The sun rays and pool chemicals also gradually affect the colour of your liner. This is generally a cosmetic issue, but you should keep an eye out for rust and algae buildup, which are very difficult to remove on your own.

    Leaks are the number one problem caused by worn or damaged liners. Leaks aren’t just a waste of water. Over time, leaking water can corrode pool walls and create sinkhole conditions, posing a serious risk to your home and property.

When should you call a pool expert?

Inground pool liners can be a challenge to repair, let alone replace, so don’t wait for a disaster to hit before considering a pool liner replacement.

If you start noticing leaks, tears, or other signs of disrepair, give the experts at HB Pools a call right away to learn more about your options.

With HB pools, all of our pool liner replacements include the following:

All our Latham-crafted liners are backed by their 25-year warranty, offering the highest-quality product that stands the test of time.

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