Pool Liner & General Repair

Even with a good maintenance routine, issues are bound to arise, particularly with your pool liner, making repairs inevitable. Not addressing these issues as soon as they appear can lead to more extensive damage that requires significant costly repairs. Therefore, understanding the most common pool issues to expect and addressing them in a timely fashion is the key to keeping your pool in top shape for years to come while also keeping your repair costs low.

With that being said, at HB Pools, we can help you with any of the most common issues you may experience with your pool or pool liner.

This pool repair plan includes:

  • Cuts

  • Cracks and rips

  • Leaks and water loss

  • Fading or staining

  • Stretching and wrinkles

  • Discoloration

  • Detached liner beads

  • Floating liner

  • Pump and filter issues

Complete leak detection inspection of the pool

Leak Detection Inspection

  • Electronic detection
  • Pressure test of lines (including bottom drain)
  • Dive to repair (water must be clear and warm)
  • Includes up to 10 patches. (No warranty on patches)

Additional fees will apply for each additional feature on your pool to accommodate return visits if needed:


  • Step Jets: $100

  • Fountain: $50

  • Each additional Skimmer: $50

  • Deck Jets: $50

  • Slide: $25

  • Deep end lights that require divers to assess: $75

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