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Equipment Upgrades To Optimize Your Pool Experience

What is The Right Upgrade For You?

In 2021,  pool permit applications reached a high of 19,000 across Canada. As a result of the pandemic, many people began to spend money on their homes instead of spending on vacations. But once the pool is installed, how do you elevate its look and reduce maintenance?

One way is with brand new technology. Read on as we discuss how to upgrade your pool in your essential guide.

Water Fixtures

There are a whole host of water features that can provide some beautiful aesthetics to your pool upgrades. Used either alone or in combination they can help personalize your pool and increase curb appeal.

LED waterfall units are one idea that creates a beautiful cascading effect on the exterior of the pool. Jets can be added to the inside to give the pool the appearance of a fountain. Alternatively, you can create fun wet decks at the side of the pool and around your property.

Try shopping around to see what is available. Many aftermarket products can be found that combine ornate designs to create a stylized look for your pool.

Smart Chemical Balance Device

Many manufacturers now have a smart chemical balance device in their catalogue and it is one of the most useful new pool features you will invest in. Gone are the days of testing your chemical levels by hand. Instead, you simply drop in the device and let it tell you what needs to be done.

Most models will provide extremely accurate readings, even giving you advice on how you should adjust temperatures. They are easy to install and some may even come with voice activation.

Robotic Vacuum

Nothing looks worse than a pool filled with leaves, dirt, detritus, and algae. Maintaining the pool and keeping it clean can often seem like a full-time job. If you don’t want to do it yourself, then most people will opt to schedule regular pool maintenance.

The cost of this of mounts up. Even if you choose to do it yourself, you still have to buy pressure pool cleaners and suction pumps. Technology offers you a third option in the form of a pool cleaning robot.

Depending on the model, most will clean the bottom, sides, waterline, and stairs of your pool. They will require external power sources, though will have this supplied.

LED Lights With Remote

Once you have dealt with cleaning to pool, it is time to elevate its appearance. LED lights can turn a fairly average pool into something stunning, particularly if you match it with the design of your property.

LED lights offer energy-efficient solutions. You can have a full remodel, or install them as part of stone around the edges and a refinish. Alternatively, you can switch existing pool lights to LED ones.

There are many benefits to getting lights fitted. Firstly, you increase the usage hours of the pool. It no longer needs to be used only in the day but can be enjoyed well into the small hours.

Coloured lights can also be used to theme the pool with your home or mood. If you have features like fountains or hot tubs, lights can highlight these for you. This will also increase the safety and visibility around the area.

Water Purifier

Everyone has been in a pool and found that the levels of chlorine can make their eyes itch. Even saline pools will cause problems and leave a residue of salt on the skin once it dries. However, you can clean your water using new pool technology in the form of ultraviolet light.

These purifiers take UV light and destroy the pathogens that can inhabit your pool water. It works by using high-intensity light ray tubes that destroy the DNA of bacteria, algae, and parasites. You no longer need to rely on harsh chemicals.

Advanced Oxidation Potential (AOP) System

An advanced oxidation potential system is a very modern way of sanitizing a pool. It destroys many pathogens inherent in pool water that traditional chlorine can not. An AOP system works by taking a lesser amount of chlorine and oxidizing organic and inorganic matter in the pool.

This has a much better effect than chlorine alone. The system produces more ozone molecules then hits them with UV light. Production of hydroxyl radicals increases which destroys pollutants.

Automatic Pool Covers

There is a huge range of benefits to an automatic pool cover. Many people will have a cover for when their pool is not in use. However, it can be troublesome and time-consuming to put this on and off manually. Automatic covers allow you to place a cover on and off as and when the pool is being used. Not only does this protect your pool from the elements and keep it clean, but it will also trap heat inside. This can save money if you are heating the pool yourself.

In turn, you can reduce the amount of electricity that is required to filter the pool. Should you have pets and children, it is also an essential safety feature to stop them from falling in.

Upgrade Pool Features

You don’t have to spend a lot to upgrade pool features. Decide if you want help with maintenance or just want to improve the look. You can then set a budget and see what is on offer.

HB Pools should be your first stop in the Ottawa area. From maintenance to pool opening and closing, we can take care of the pool so you are free to sit back and relax. Contact us here to discuss your needs.

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