Other Pool Services

Dive into a world of hassle-free pool ownership with our comprehensive pool services. We pride ourselves on delivering efficiency and excellence in every aspect of pool maintenance and care. Our skilled technicians, equipped with cutting-edge tools and knowledge, ensure that your pool operates at its peak performance. Whether it's routine inspections, equipment maintenance, or intricate repairs, we handle it all with a commitment to transparency and quality. Trust us to transform your pool into a pristine oasis where you can unwind without worrying about the details. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a passion for pool perfection, we redefine the pool service experience.

Service Call

Base rate to have a technician onsite per job.

$205.00 +HST*

Pressure Test Lines

Pressure test lines - no bottom drain (excludes Aqua-genie skimmers).

$240.00 +HST* **

Inground Pool inspection - Video Report

The technician will test all the pool equipment to ensure they are in working condition, visually inspect the liner and pool structure, steps, and pool surround. A video report will be provided to the client.

$395.00 +HST*

*All rates are for up to 1 hour of service, & subject to additional charges if the service is longer.

**Any additional labor and parts will be charged accordingly.