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10 reasons why automatic pool covers are a good investment

By installing an automatic safety cover as part of a pool renovation, you can improve your pool’s safety, cut down on maintenance costs, keep the water clean, and keep your pool ready for use at a moment’s notice. Best of all, these covers are good year-round, rain or shine.

Coverstar™ Canada cover

  • Slows Down or Stops Evaporation

  • Cuts Down on Chemical Use

  • Helps Your Swimming Pool Retain Heat

  • Keeps Out Leaves, Twigs and Yard Debris

  • Less Maintenance

  • Saves Money

  • Cuts Down on Energy Costs

  • Can Help With Safety

  • Conserves Water

  • Ease And Convenience Of Use

An automatic pool cover is Build to last

Pool covers accumulate wear and tear season to season. But Coverstar™ systems are built to last, with proprietary PowerFlex™ rope and patented heat-sealed webbing used in their Eclipse™ UltraGard III™ fabric boasting exceptionally long life and durability.

Coverstar™: A brand you can trust

With a Coverstar™ Automatic Safety Cover, you know that you’re getting an innovative and reliable product tailored to your needs as a customer.

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