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Inground Pool Trends of 2021

Modernizing and Upgrading Your Inground Pool

Inground pools are a great addition to any space, but what can you do to maximize their potential? Enjoy your investment by considering a fun upgrade to your inground pool!


Whether you’re looking for some modern features to fit in with a current design aesthetic or you’re looking to put in a smaller pool for your smaller yard space, here are a few eye-catching trends that professional pool companies recommend for any space.

Modern Features for Modern Pools


Cocktail Pools & Spools

This aptly named trend is as adorable as it sounds. Emulating a mini-pool, cocktail pools and spools (small pool) is a great feature for any smaller yard. Perfect for quick dips and little wading sessions to cool off, it’s possible to make use of your smaller space and put in a cocktail pool.

LED & Natural Lighting

Gone are the days of spotlights placed on pool walls; pool lighting has come a long way since then!

These days, LED lights are the standard, installed discreetly and able to light up your whole pool at night. They’ve taken a natural turn using smaller spotlights to give you a peaceful and ambient night swimming experience. Some lighting fixtures even come with a remote control, allowing you to control the brightness (or dimness) and sometimes, even the colour of the lights if you’re opting for a fancier look.

Natural Elements & Rain Descents

The natural element added to pools is a favoured feature nowadays, especially waterfall designs. Waterfalls give your pool an oasis or Nordic spa type of aesthetic that makes you feel you’re on vacation. They’re also extremely soothing and add a little extra to your pool. Consult with an experienced pool company to add a waterfall feature that will match your landscaping as well.

Sports Pools

Sports pools are considered to be one of the next big things in inground pool structures. Unlike standard pools, sports pools have two shallow ends and a slightly deeper middle, but it is still shallow enough for adults to stand without needing to swim. This is ideal if you have pool parties or want to play water sports, or if you like to swim laps. The greater shallow area allows for more usable space in the pool, which is great for entertaining.


There’s no question that saltwater pools are chic and gentler on the skin than chlorine is. Though they’re a little more delicate to maintain, the saltwater pool does not use nearly as many chemicals and isn’t as harsh on your pools liner or your skin because it requires smaller doses than a standard chlorine-based pool. You also don’t need to continuously add chlorine to your pool to keep the water clean. Keep in mind, you still need to monitor and potentially adjust the salt system even if the water appears clean.

Great skin, great hair, doesn’t ruin your swimsuits and makes you feel like you’re on a mini beach vacation. What could be a better or more attractive idea?


Give your backyard and pool an interesting island-feel with a fire pit that can be enjoyed year-round. Nothing brings people together more than a fire pit to sit around during chilly evenings and even crisp, Autumn days. Also, the combination of water and fire elements makes for an aesthetically pleasing backyard pool décor, especially if you’re entertaining. Think of all the themed dinner parties you can host!

Protect Your Investment

The best way to enjoy any of these fun and funky ideas and to protect your investment is to upkeep your upgrades with professional help. Whether you’re choosing to add a water feature, you’re putting in to modernize your pool, or you’re designing a new smaller pool from scratch, consulting with a professional pool company like HB Pools is the best way to ensure that you’re protecting not only your pool but your yard as well.


Additionally, companies will guide you when it comes to maintenance and any other logistics you’ll need to consider in relation to features you’ll be adding to enhance your pool. Which type of LED lights are the best, and how will they be compatible with the pool fixture? What’s the safest way to add a fire pit in my backyard? How much energy will a saltwater pool take, and what are the most effective ways for me to avoid any damage to my pool? These questions and more can be answered during a consultation with a reputable pool company.

Choose your new features wisely but have fun with them. As long as you have a great, trusted and reputable service assisting you in the upgrade choices you make, you will enjoy your investment to its fullest advantage.

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