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Renovation Ideas to Modernize Your Inground Pool

Is Your Pool Old-School? Create a More Modern Space for Your Family to Enjoy

An inground pool is a wonderful source of fun and relaxation for you and your family. But over time, the pool and surrounding areas may begin to look or feel a bit run-down, dated, and shabby. The good news is, there are plenty of ways to modernize and refresh your pool area without tearing it out and starting over.

When to Consider Renovating Your Inground Pool

There are several situations that might make you consider renovating your pool: If one or more of the components is broken or has seen a lot of wear and tear; if the design looks dated or tacky to your eye; or if safety has become an issue due to cracked or broken pool walls, a damaged liner, slippery decking, or inadequate fencing. All of these problems can and should be solved with some clever renovations.


Ideas for Revamping Your Pool

No matter whether the issue is cosmetic, mechanical, or structural, we have some great ideas to get you started thinking about how to renovate your inground pool to bring it up-to-date.

Pool Liner Replacement

If your inground pool has a vinyl liner, it will eventually need to be replaced. The normal lifespan of a vinyl pool liner is five to nine years, so if yours is older than that, or you notice your water level dropping more than one inch a week, it’s probably leaking and should be replaced.

New Decking

If the decking around your pool is worn, cracked, or damaged, consider replacing it—and you have plenty of options for what to replace it with. Standard broom concrete is the cheapest option, while pavers are economical in general and come in a variety of styles to mimic brick or stone. Non-glazed tile looks classy and won’t get slippery underfoot. Stone is a costlier option, but looks elegant and blends nicely with nature. Concrete can be textured or stamped for a range of updated looks but some can become slippery when wet. Broom and swirl concrete typically won’t pose a risk concerning slipping. Wood is a classic and inexpensive choice for many but is susceptible to damage by weather and pool chemicals. Talk to a professional about your options to see what’s best for your space and budget.


Many municipalities require a pool to be entirely fenced-in so children cannot access it when adults are not present. But even if that’s not the case, privacy fencing is a nice thing to have around a backyard pool. Again, there are plenty of materials to choose from, including wood or composite in a variety of modern styles and colours, or chain-link, which is ideal for safety fencing because it allows for clear visibility.

Water Features

The soothing sounds of a waterfall can turn your backyard pool into a Nordic spa-like experience – or give the kids something new to splash each other with. Scuppers (mini-waterfalls in the sides of the pool) and spray jets or fountains are also fun and add visual interest. These features can often be added to an existing pool without breaking the bank.


Is your pool deck a suntrap every afternoon? Need more privacy, shade, or colour in your space? Landscaping is the easiest way to turn a flat, overheated pool area into a green oasis of calm. Add trees, shrubs, and planter boxes filled with flowers and grasses, and consider modern ground coverings like river rock or pea gravel to add visual appeal around the pool deck.

Fun Accessories (Slides, Diving Board, Etc.)

Your kids will be thrilled to add a slide to their pool adventures (and now you don’t have to take them to the water park). Even if you don’t have kids, you might want a diving board to practice your reverse pike on weekends. Both are easy additions to your existing pool.

Automatic Safety Cover

An automatic retractable cover is a great idea if you’re concerned about safety or just want to cut down on evaporation and cleaning debris out of the water. There are a variety of covers that can easily be installed on an existing pool, especially if it’s a standard size or shape.

Wall Structure Repair

No two ways about it – if your pool walls are cracked or have holes in them, they need to be repaired, preferably by a professional who can spot any larger structural issues. Plus, good repairs will make your pool look much smarter.

Equipment Upgrade

Is your pool pump, filter, or heater on its last legs? Upgrading to more modern equipment gives you peace of mind and can make it feel like a brand-new pool, especially if you’ve been avoiding using it due to concerns about equipment failure.


LED lights are all the rage everywhere these days, and they work beautifully in an inground pool, allowing you to change the colour depending on your mood and the occasion, be it a pool party or a chilled-out evening with your spouse. They’re inexpensive to add but create a whole lot of ambiance.

Walk-In Entry

Make it easier for kids and people with limited mobility to get in and out of the pool by adding a walk-in entrance – a shallow slope that mimics a beach or shoreline. It looks super cool and increases accessibility at the same time.

Saltwater Conversion

Tired of adding chlorine to your pool? Consider converting to saltwater. It’s easier on the skin, eyes, and hair, and installing a saltwater chlorine generator means you’ll never buy chlorine again – just add salt as needed, and the pool water balances itself.


Having a pool is one thing. Enjoying it to the fullest is another. Ask yourself whether some well-considered renovations would help you to make the most of your inground pool during the beautiful summer months. Our team can help you make a renovation plan that fits your needs, wants, and budget.

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