Liners & Pool Repair

Discover a seamless fusion of expertise for all your pool repair needs with HB Pools. Whether it's an inground pool liner replacement or a comprehensive repair plan, we're your trusted partner in maintaining the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your pool.

In-ground Pool Liner Replacement

Signs and Solutions

Your inground pool's liner plays a crucial role in its structural integrity. With proper maintenance, you can savor worry-free pool enjoyment for up to a decade. However, as the years pass, wear and tear may demand a replacement. Our team guides you through the signs, ensuring your pool liner remains a resilient foundation.

Common Signs You Need a Replacement

Cracking and Tearing In Vinyl

UV exposure and chemical wear can lead to cracks and tears, potentially causing leaks and damage.

Liners Wrinkles & Stretching

Odd wrinkles, slipping beads, or sagging fittings indicate a replacement is due.

Liner Stains & Discolouration

Gradual color changes due to sun exposure and chemicals may require attention.

Leaks From Vinyl Liners

  • Leaks, if left unaddressed, can corrode pool walls and pose risks to your property.

Upgrade with Our Vinyl Liner Patterns

Thinking about replacing your pool liner? Explore our Vinyl Liner Patterns and Vinyl Liner Floor Patterns for an aesthetic upgrade tailored to your pool's unique style.

Timely Repairs for Lasting Enjoyment:

Even with proper maintenance, pool liners and general repairs are inevitable. Ignoring early signs can lead to more extensive damage, driving up costs. At HB Pools, we offer a comprehensive repair plan covering a range of common issues:

Cover Tears (Cuts)

Safety and aesthetics restored with expert repairs.

Concrete Pool Cracks

Prompt resolution of structural issues by skilled technicians.

Pool Leak and Water Loss

Swift repairs to preserve water levels and prevent damage.

Fading or Staining

Restoration of vibrancy and elimination of discoloration.

Pool Liner Stretching and Wrinkles

Aesthetic wrinkles smoothed, and stretching addressed.


Spot removal for pristine pool water.

Detached Liner Beads

Secure reattachment for worry-free swimming.

Floating Liner

Repositioning to preserve the pool's shape.

Pump and Filter Issues

Timely resolution of circulation and filtration problems.

Our Repair Services

Vinyl Liner Wrinkle Removal

Use diving equipment to go in the pool and remove wrinkles using a suction pump to pull and remove liner wrinkles.

$310.00 +HST

There is no warranty on the wrinkle removal service, some wrinkles cannot be removed and there is no guarantee against future wrinkles.

Liner Re-Hook

The technician on site will attempt to re-set the liner in the original coping.

$205.00 +HST

There is no warranty on this service, we cannot guarantee that the liner won’t come undone again.

Locking Strip Installation

The technician on site will install locking strip to pool liner/coping. The locking strip will be charged accordingly at $1.75 per foot by the technician on site, based on how many feet are needed.

$205.00 +HST

There is no warranty on this service, we cannot guarantee that the liner won’t come undone again.

Inground Liner Change

Quote varies around
$6000.00 - $12,000.00 +HST

Any additional labor and parts will be charged accordingly.

Major Pool Repair & Renovations

Quote varies around
$10,000.00 – $100,000.00 +HST

This price can scale up depending on choices/accessories, etc. 

Any additional labor and parts will be charged accordingly. 

Liners & Pool Repair

Additional Features

Additional fees will apply for each additional feature on your pool to accommodate return visits if needed:

Step Jets $100

Fountain $50

Additionnal Skimmers $50

Deck Jets $50

Slide $25

Deep End Lights $75

Should You Call a Pool Expert to Replace Pools Liners?

HB Pools is your all-in-one destination for liner replacements, repairs, and comprehensive maintenance. Don't wait for a disaster; connect with us promptly to discuss your pool's needs. Our expert team is ready to guide you through the journey of maintaining a pristine and enjoyable pool.

If you start noticing leaks, tears, or other signs of disrepair, give the experts at HB Pools a call right away to learn more about your options.