Leak Detection

Our standard package covers electronic detection, a pressure test of return & skimmer lines, and the expertise to mend up to 10 holes. For Aqua Genie skimmers, opt for our comprehensive inspection, spanning two service visits for a thorough assessment. Trust us for meticulous leak detection and precise repairs to keep your pool in pristine condition.

Leak Detection, Liner Patch Repair, and Pressure Test Lines

Leak detection inspections include: electronic detection, a pressure test of return & skimmer lines (excludes Aqua-genie skimmers). Dive to repair up to 10 holes.

Water must be clear (see bottom of pool) and warmed to at least 70 degrees.*

$450.00 +HST**

Leak Detection – Pools With Aqua Genie Skimmer

Full pool inspection includes 2 service visits on back-to-back dates: 

Visit 1: Electronic detection, a pressure test of the suction line, bottom drain inspection and dive to repair. 

Visit 2: Removal of the by-pass at filter head to assess the return portion of the aqua-genie skimmer.  

$550.00 +HST**

*$100 additional fee for water under 70 degrees if a dive must be completed. 

*Any additional labor and parts will be charged accordingly.

*No warranty on patches.

*Leak detections after October 15th are $100 extra if the water is not heated.